1) Reconnect with yourself ... with nature


Considering the speed at which the world is moving, it has been shown that human beings increasingly sustain a very high level of anxiety and stress, and this state is now almost unsustainable.

The good news is that we realize it. Undoubtedly there is a growing global need for awareness and wellness both to transform our lives and to prepare the world for those who come after us, for the next generations, the inheritance we leave them.

In the forest of Mallorca, in the heart of the Llevant natural park, there is an ideal place to carry out this "reconnection".

A unique enclave, totally integrated in nature and with an energy that you can feel in the moment you arrive.

At Es Racó d'Artà, this is our goal and purpose, awareness, wellness, self-connection and mindfulness. We believe that the answer to change lies in each one of us.

We offer a concept based on sustainability, respect and minimalist design, integrated into the landscape, neutral and delicate, perfect to find calm, to connect with yourself surrounded by nature and to be able to really understand what "respect" means, that which we all carry inside and must know in order to respect everything around us.

A place to sense the silence, to listen to the circadian rhythms of nature, she who speaks to us so much, she who needs to be listened to...

Es Racó d'Artà, besides being an innovative and much needed model on the island due to all the sustainability solutions carried out both when building and when interacting with our suppliers and customers, tries to reach the origins of the island where everything was respected: architecture, culture, gastronomy, nature... and people.

The entire property has about 185 hectares of land, and we are proud to also run, in parallel, an agricultural business, as we want to give back to the land, the importance it deserves.

We have 14 acres of vineyards, olive trees, fruit trees, we grow Xeixa flour, and we have organic gardens and orchards... there is certainly a lot to explore inside and outside Es Racó d'Artà and we are very happy to work with artisans, local producers, professionals and artists who also organize activities and workshops for our guests in order to provide an unforgettable experience and connect with the true culture of the island.