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Spa & Wellness


Enjoy exclusive experiences and unforgettable moments. Put yourself in the hands of experienced teachers and immerse yourself in our world of continuous training and self-knowledge. Find creativity, inspiring exchange and tranquility. Connect with Mallorcan tradition and the beautiful surroundings of Es Racó d'Artà.

This offer is constantly expanding.

Basket weaving

This workshop presents the ancient Mallorcan technique of basket weaving. The artisans of the island use the palm leaves for their work. This traditional Mallorcan craft is known as Llatra.

Conscious walk to the viewpoint

The route starts at the estate of Es Racó d'Artà and goes up to Puig des Racó, where you can enjoy wonderful views. At this point, participants are invited to a meditation exercise before descending back down. A medium level of fitness and walking safety is recommended, as the path is rocky and steep.

Intuitive painting

This workshop guides us to connect with our inner wisdom and use the creative process to externalise emotions and sensations. Connect with art and its therapeutic power.

Meditation and yoga

You choose the style, the pace, the goal, and we will tailor the ultimate yoga and/or meditation class to the needs and desires of the day. We offer classes in different styles of yoga.

Art therapy with clay

The meditation and art therapy workshops invite to a space-time of rest in the midst of the maelstrom of everyday life, so full of stimuli, haste and stress. The proposal consists of the sensory exploration that clay allows us, without necessarily a purpose or an aesthetic objective, simply from curiosity and openness to touch and other senses. We will connect with the body and the senses to perform this guided and dynamic meditation towards the silent touch, towards free movement.

Facial Yoga

Learn Facial Yoga routines that will help you to recover in a natural way a younger and healthier look for your face, with the added value of relaxation and wellness.

Handmade creation of dream catchers

Enjoy a moment of peace to create your own dream catcher... Claudia, craftswoman of wicker and creations with natural materials, will guide you in this unique and original creation. A little bit of dream to take home!

Sound therapy

As you listen to the instruments you will notice how your whole body begins to vibrate and little by little it will take you to a state of deep relaxation. You will feel throughout your body a vibrational massage that will affect your nervous system; relaxing, stimulating and strengthening it. The sound of the gong is comparable to the sound of all nature and its rhythms. In the session you will be able to reach a state of Shunia, the original state of nothingness, silencing your mind.

Sandal workshop

A workshop where you can learn how to make your own pair of sandals using natural materials and tailored to your foot. You will be able to choose between different models, colors and materials and we will help you to make sandals that perfectly fit your foot, so comfortable and beautiful that you will never want to take them off again. Feel the pleasure of making something with your own hands, making a sustainable and unique product.

Natural conscious movement

Explore your limits introspectively through breath and body. Flowing and simple exercises to connect with you through calmness without expectation or competition. Suitable for all physical and emotional levels.
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Monday 15 April. Artá, Mallorca
Marés or Calcarenita is a stone that is very well known in the construction of the Balearic Islands and is formed almost entirely from the remains of the seabed. Until the appearance of cement in the middle of the 20th century, this stone was the dominant building material on the islands.