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Es Racó d'Artà dates back to the 13th century and before that, it was a Berber settlement called Beni Axir, Beni Said, "sons of those who are happy".

That is why we have named our gastronomic corner of the farm, in honor of the origins, in gratitude to those who influenced our evolution and our cuisine, and finally, those who influenced who we are today. The origin of Mediterranean cuisine dates back five thousand years, to Mesopotamia, Asia Minor and Egypt, the places where this rich cuisine began to be cooked or known, especially in the latter, to which we owe the knowledge of beer, the cultivation of wheat and consequently the production of bread, the cultivation of vines, beekeeping, the cultivation of legumes and vegetables and finally fishing.
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Let us not forget that the roots of our great gastronomic culture come from North and West Africa, which was the first great power in agricultural production; the Nile delta is so rich in silt that several harvests a year were obtained, something similar happened in Spain, although on a smaller scale.

With the intention of "going back to the origins", of working with products that come directly from our organic gardens and from small artisans and local producers who pamper and care for their land so that it can continue to give them fruit for many generations, we believe in fair trade, in respect for the product and the producer, in the affection and sincerity of each dish designed with delicacy according to the season of the year so as not to affect the natural rhythms of the harvests and the offspring.

Discover a unique enclave on the island and watch the stars while you savour a delicious bite of the freshest and most local produce.
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Inspired by the daily products that mother nature offers us and the deep respect we have for the work of small producers, fishermen, livestock farmers and the whole community who work with their hands to promote local produce and its quality, we create our special daily dishes witha unique personality for you.

Eco Sa Teulera

Sa Teulera is a certified organic farm located near Manacor. The orchard has ten hectares for the production of a wide variety of vegetables. These lands are rotated and used for grazing animals.

The livestock consists of a wide variety of animals in total freedom and fed with organic feed produced by the farm. Chickens, pigs and cows are the main guests of the livestock and offer a wide variety of products such as organic eggs, their high quality Sobrassada (a traditional Balearic cured sausage) and the milk used to produce their dairy products.

Dairy products are mainly composed of cheese, yogurts and pasteurized milk. These animals that receive a high quality feed, produce an exceptional milk that leaves a mark on any of the products that are made with it.


The motto of Terracor is "Agriculture from here, from today" and the goal is that everything natural keeps its origin, taste and smell. That a tomato tastes and smells like a tomato. So simple, so important.

A declaration of intent that is manifested every time you bite into one of their products, walk around the farm or stop to look at the wide variety of native products of the island.

They have more than 300 hectares of fruit trees, vegetables and greens in the Llevant area where they use integrated production techniques.

This is a farm that goes a step further in the search for conciliation with the rural environment with its Terraeduca project. Terraeduca is an activity focused on raising awareness of agriculture among primary school students, so that they can discover what it is like to work in the fields and be in contact with nature and the basics of healthy eating.

Can Company

Can Company was born in 1960 in the heart of Mallorca as a result of the work of many generations of a family of Mallorcan farmers.

One of them is the production and commercialization of cereals and flours obtained from the farms they exploit in Mallorca. They produce their own certified cereal seed and the flours and feed to feed their own livestock.

It is a specialist and the largest producer of native breed animals "Porc Negre". Finally, it owns an artisan factory in Inca where several types of high quality sausages are produced.

What is "Porc Negre" (Black pig)? The "Porc Negre" is the native pig breed of Mallorca. This breed is raised in freedom. Its meat has a high amount of unsaturated fatty acids such as oleic acid, making it a high quality food. Producing more than fifty percent of the black pigs on the island, they are an example of integrated production.

Pescados y Mariscos Rosario

Third generation of this family of fishermen with their own boat in the port of Cala Ratjada.

It is the philosophy of this family to control and maintain the quality of the product throughout the whole process. From the catch to the sale on the boat itself, thus guaranteeing the maximum quality of their fish and seafood.

This family, linked to the sea for many years, understands fishing as an exhaustible asset and therefore must be cared for. Fishing in a sustainable way, only in authorized fishing grounds, respecting the fishing quotas and taking care in the accidental throwing of waste into the sea, they maintain this philosophy that has been passed down from father to son as an unquestionable way of working and that is above the search for economic profit.

Estel de Llevant

Estel de Llevant is a non-profit association created in 1996 and declared of public utility. Its mission is to warmly accompany people to promote, preserve and improve their mental health.

T‘Estim, which means „I love you“, is a project that was born with the mission of raising awareness, through tea and organic infusions grown and made in Mallorca, of the importance of loving and caring for our mental health and ending with all the stigmas that surround mental illness. Love and care for our mental health. The properties of its organic infusions and teas help us feel better. Love and protect our environment because we consume organic infusions and teas made in Mallorca. Love and support others. Each sip of T‘Estim contributes to job placement and to improving the quality of life of people with mental disorders.


Adalt is committed to quality beer and all varieties are produced in its micro brewery located in the south of the island. Adalt is also a platform to promote local artists. That is why each of the labels of the cans has a design by a Mallorcan artist.

This micro brewery, which started twelve years ago, had a beginning reminiscent of other great beginnings of great entrepreneurs; two friends in a garage making craft beer as a hobby. After understanding that this hobby could be a way to make a living, they traveled to Germany where they learned to brew beer professionally.
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