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Es Racó d' Artà dates back to the XIII century and before that, it was a Berber settlement called Beni Axir, Beni Said, "sons of those who are happy".

That is why we have named our gastronomic corner of the estate after this name, in honour of our origins, in gratitude to those who influenced our evolution and our cuisine, and finally, to those who have influenced who we are today.

The origins of Mediterranean cuisine go back five thousand years to Mesopotamia, Asia Minor and Egypt, the places where this rich cuisine began to be cooked or known, especially in the latter, to which we owe the knowledge of beer, the cultivation of wheat and consequently the production of bread, the cultivation of vines, beekeeping, the cultivation of vegetables and lastly fishing.


Let us not forget that the roots of our great gastronomic culture come from North and West Africa, which was the first great power in agricultural production; the Nile delta is so rich in silt that several harvests a year were obtained, something similar happened in Spain, although on a smaller scale.

With the intention of "going back to the origins", of working with products that come directly from our organic gardens and from small artisans and local producers who pamper and care for their land so that it can continue to give them fruit for many generations, we believe in fair trade, in respect for the product and the producer, in the affection and sincerity of each dish designed with delicacy according to the season of the year so as not to affect the natural rhythms of the harvests and the offspring.

Discover a unique enclave on the island and watch the stars while you savour a delicious bite of the freshest and most local produce.
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