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The Latin acronym "Spa" means "Sanum per Aquam" and translates as "healthy thanks to water".

In our "Sanum Per Aquam", we want to show you why water is so special and so important to us humans.

Awaken your senses and let yourself be pampered by our exclusive treatments. The combination of the expert hands of our therapists and the use of carefully selected products will make you forget time and space.

Immerse yourself in a magical and healing space surrounded by nature, where every detail has been thought for your well-being.

Discover a place where we have made sure that one of our most important values is sustainability: that's why we use natural cosmetic products, mainly produced on site, and geothermal technology to generate the necessary energy.


"Nothing is as receptive and flexible as water, but nothing can beat it when it comes to softening the edges or shaping the rock".

Watsu® is a form of waterwork based on Zen Shiatsu, a system of stretching in affinity with the meridians that run through our physical field combined with the benefits of water therapy at body temperature. The principles of gentle acupressure, stretching and buoyancy create a near zero-gravity suspension that creates new neural bridges and resolves anchored patterns of limiting behaviour.