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ART AT ES RACÓ D'ARTÀ: Adriana Meunié

In Es Racó d'Artà, we feel very fortunate to be able to observe daily multiple works of art that transport our soul to a state of calm, serenity and silence, simple pieces that say everything without shouting anything, paintings with natural pigments, sculptures made of still life brought to life, crystals in balance, sculptures of reeds, terracotta, ceramics, ... Always trying to put the focus on local art, since Mallorca is the birthplace of great artists. One of them, a very special person for us: Adriana Meunié.

Adriana lives in the heart of the island, surrounded by animals and nature, in a sober environment without excesses, which allows her to find the perfect contrasts and textures for the inspiration of her designs. Among her animals, there are her sheep, which she shears every year, to also take advantage of the wool in her textile creations.

"Blurring the boundaries that separate the exterior from the interior. My pieces show their full potential in urban settings. I love to see the contrast they create in a stately apartment with high ceilings or in an apartment with ultra-modern decor."

Photo by Barbara Vidal

It evokes, in some way, the forgotten natural environment, our origins, as well as the inheritance and practices of lost trades. That longed-for Mallorca, where everything was respected. That is why we feel so identified with her art in Es Racó d'Artà. Adriana focuses on natural materials in their "raw" state: wool, raffia, reeds, esparto grass, are some of the protagonists in her paintings. The works of our beloved artist can be found in many places, among them, in the most beautiful properties and hotels whose design respects the Mallorcan heritage. Adriana also appears in projects such as Calle Serrano, Art Basel, Onna House, Massimo Dutti and in articles in "Vogue" or "Architectural Digest".

Thank you Adriana for becoming an inspiration, for believing in your values, for respecting your island and our mother nature and for creating, with your hands, an art so simple and complex at the same time, with so much message and purpose.