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ART AT ES RACÓ D'ARTÀ: Pere and Gabi Ignasi

The works of Pere and Gabi Ignasi

What is balance?

The state of a body when opposing forces acting on it compensate by destroying each other. The state of a body that, despite having little support base, is maintained without falling.

"It holds up without falling down..."

Stress, seasonal changes and, in general, today's accelerated pace of life, are situations that tend to alter the emotional state of most people, bringing them to the edge of their own physical and psychological limits. This can lead to emotional instability that manifests itself in restlessness, irritability and feelings of discouragement.

The key is in us, we can use our emotions in an intelligent way, so that they work for our own benefit, helping us to control our behavior and our thoughts to obtain the best results. That famous balance.

What is emotional balance?

On the one hand, the state we call "balance" is never static, it is a dynamic process. On the other hand, emotions are an undeniable and integral part of our being that condition our health and play an essential role in our behavior, learning, creativity and social interaction, etc.

Therefore, the balance becomes an end, the whole, and the complex is the way to reach it.

At Es Racó d'Artà, we maintain a high awareness of balance, and we represent it in many of the corners of the estate, in the sustainability part, in the way we treat ourselves and our guests, and in the wonderful works of "silent" art that characterize our interior design.

Our artist friends, Pere Ignasi and Gabi Ignasi, artists who practice the technique of blown glass, undoubtedly represent with elegance and subtlety the balance in all their works.

In the creative work of Pere and Gabi Ignasi, emotions are an essential part. They are driven by intuition and fascination for glass, a material that never ceases to surprise them.

They think that the work should convey emotions, and the first people it should convey emotions are themselves. If they are not convinced of the final result, the work is not finished. Not until they find the satisfaction of having completed the circle of emotions.

Gabi revealed to us that the artists that influence them are many. "Of course Calder is a reference, but right now there are artists who make kinetic works that drive us crazy. I could talk about Gargallo, Munari, Berrocal, Brancusi, ... and many others. Also the prehistoric sculptures of the Aztecs and Asians inspire our creativity. The main inspiring element of our work is nature, whose observation gives us most of the ideas."

Balance is a concept that can be applied to many aspects of life. In their work, the balance of shapes, colors and concepts is very important. Both have their own balance on a personal level and as a team. "The relationship between parents and children needs balance, which was and is a very important part of our daily life. We work as a team, but it is important to remember that we have been independent artists for a long time."

Pere Ignasi

began working the glass in the workshop that was in Campanet at age 14. He started as an apprentice until he became a master. Over the years, fed up with the hierarchy of teachers and managers, he installed his own oven at home. Thus cut the umbilical cord that linked him to the craft and became the main reference in Spain of the "New Glass" movement.

Gabi Ignasi

was initiated by his father Pere at the age of 17. He grew up near the workshop, as his parents had a house/workshop/gallery in S'Hostalot. He could not pass up the opportunity offered by destiny to work with this material. After more than 10 years in his own workshop in Granada and another 7 years working in glass studios in England, he returned to the origin of everything joining forces with Pere Ignasi.