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Concert Ivano Leva and Francesco Parisi

23 September 2023, 19:00 

Es Racó d'Artà
Cami dels Racó/ Ctra. Cala Mitjana, 07570 Artà

+++ limited places +++

We would like to invite you to enjoy an evening full of sublime and exciting music. Ivano Leva, internationally renowned pianist, will captivate us with his mastery on the keys, while Francesco Parisi, an English horn virtuoso, will delight us with his exceptional talent.

We will be immersed in a captivating sound universe, where piano and English horn will intertwine in harmonies and melodies that will transport us to different emotions and musical and healing landscapes. From soft and delicate notes to energetic and passionate moments, each piece will take us on a unique sensory journey.

Ivano Leva will surprise us with his ability to convey emotional depth through each note. With his expressive style and unquestionable virtuosity, he will give us interpretations of classical and contemporary works, showing his versatility, love and passion for music.

Accompanying him on the piano, Francesco Parisi, with his English horn, will envelop us in a magical and evocative atmosphere. His instrument, known for its sweet and melancholic sound, will transport us to dreamy worlds with its beauty and serenity. We will witness his ability to create melodies that envelop us in a deep contemplation and heal our soul.

From Es Racó d'Artà, we want to share this unique opportunity to witness the collaboration of two great artists, who come together in a magical and natural setting to create an unforgettable experience.

May the music envelop us and transport us to a world of emotions and sonorous wonders!


Listen to works by the outstanding Italian composer IVANO LEVA in world premiere and transcriptions/syntheses of 9 Debussy preludes for piano (First and second book) and for Piano/English Horn, also transcribed by IVANO LEVA.

Introduction to the works of Professor Vincent Russo

Debussy/ Leva: (for piano & English horn)

"Danseuses de Delphes"


"Les Sons et les Parfums tournent dans l'air du soir".

"Les Collines D' Anacapri".

"Des Pas Sur La Neige (Vol. 1 No. 6)"

"La Cathédrale Engloutie".



Debussy/ Leva:

"The Wine Gate".


Ivano Leva:

"Li Galli" (Island of the Mermaids) piano poem in 3 movements (for solo piano)


C-E J-G (C) "Homage to Le Corbusier".

"Roundy, Homage to Rudolf Nureyev".

"Cosmogonic Miniatures" dedicated to Professor Vincent Russo (for piano & English horn) in 4 movements.






Option 1
Concert (start at 7:00 p.m.)
30 €*

Option 2
Concert and dinner (without drinks)
100 €*.

Option 3
Concert, dinner and stay
(incl. meditation, yoga and breakfast)
350 €*.

*) prices per person

+34 971 83 66 73


IVANO LEVA is a pianist, composer and improviser born in Naples in 1975. He graduated in Piano at the Lorenzo Perosi Conservatory of Campobasso under the tutelage of the Romanian pianist Alexandra Brucher and in Composition at the San Pietro a Majella Conservatory of Naples under the tutelage of the composer Gaetano Panariello. At the same time, he became passionate about improvisational languages, studying with Francesco D'Errico, Enrico Pieranunzi and David Liebman.

An award-winning composer, he has written theater and ballet music for important institutions such as Teatro San Carlo, Teatro Verdi, Teatro Bellini (Italy), Teatro Kubitz (Germany), Teatro Colón (Argentina). In 2012 he won the Antonio Falconio composition competition with a chamber composition written on a poem by Eduardo De Filippo and in 2015 his composition Triumviratus won the Anima Mundi Composition Prize and was performed at the Melbourne Recital Centre (Australia).

Engaged for years in a very personal fusion of late classical languages and improvisation, he records since 2016 for the NovAntiqua label and his records are distributed by Note Ein and Egea throughout Europe and Japan. As a pianist, both chamber and improvisational, he has performed at major festivals and concert halls, including Festival Oboe (Paris), Auditorium M.Ravel - Conservatoire de Sevre (Paris), Festival dei due mondi (Spoleto, PG), Gioventù Musicale Italiana (MO), Campania Teatro Festival, Piano City (NA), Eddie Lang Jazz Festival, Katerinburg Festival (Ukraine), and many others.

In 2018 he has been invited to give an improvisation masterclass at the Consevatoire Nadia et Lili Boulanger in Paris together with oboist Marika Lombardi, with whom he regularly collaborates.

FRANCESCO PARISI is an accomplished oboist with a remarkable academic background and extensive work experience. He graduated in oboe at the prestigious Conservatory of San Pietro a Majella in Naples in 1982. Since 1986, Francesco has been working as an oboist at the Foundation of the San Carlo Opera Theatre in Naples. Previously, he held the esteemed positions of professor of oboe at the Conservatory of Potenza from 1980 to 1984 and at the Conservatory of Avellino from 1984 to 1986.

Parisi is a great oboe player and has mastered the instrumental technique. His ability to interpret various musical genres, from opera to chamber music, shows his versatility. With an excellent knowledge of classical and contemporary repertoire, Parisi is able to deliver captivating performances. He has also shared his experience as an oboe teacher at the professional level, collaborating effectively with musicians and conductors such as Riccardo Muti, Zubin Mehta, Lorin Maazel and Daniel Oren. He has embarked on successful international tours, captivating audiences in Europe, Asia and America, including countries such as Russia, Japan, Canada, Austria, Oman, United Arab Emirates and Spain.

In particular, Francesco Parisi won the national competition for oboists at the San Carlo in 1986. He has actively participated in numerous productions of the San Carlo Opera in Naples, making his mark both as a soloist and as a dedicated member of the orchestra.

He continues to captivate audiences with his exceptional talent, leaving an indelible impact on the world of oboe music.