World Wildlife Day 2023


If we close our eyes and think about wildlife, surely to each of us different forms, images and memories appear, but all with a common denominator; trees, mushrooms, plants or animals.
In short, elements of nature; our parent force, our mother ....

All of us who inhabit it, all that set of plants, living beings and fungi, to which we belong and are united in an ancestral way, form the world that feeds us, protects us and lets us breathe.

We celebrate with you and strongly support the development and protection of the species of fauna and flora that reign on this planet, we must contribute every day a little grain, to protect the cycles, food and air that we use every day to survive.

Small gestures can generate great changes and by raising awareness of these values, of the importance of pollination, of protecting the seas, of permaculture and the care of the ecosystem, for example, we can ensure a better future for all of us who enjoy flying, crawling, swimming and walking in this beautiful world.

Respect begins within oneself, surely, listening to our common sense and instinct, taking care of ourselves and loving ourselves a little more, we will be able to give the care and affection that forests and animal life deserve.

Happy World Wildlife Day, happy to share with you a place like Es Racó d' Artà, where from the deepest respect for nature, we offer love and shelter in a sophisticated, sustainable, warm and natural way, in a unique enclave. The embrace of the mountains and wildlife is our continuous example and becomes our source of purpose and values to take care of you.

We are more and more convinced of our goal, and that is why this year magnificent actions will take place in Es Racó d' Artà, such as workshops and activities related to the valuable spirit of saving the planet and our heritage. If these words stir something in you, we advise you to be very attentive.

Save the date to save our Mother Nature.