In Es Racó d'Artà, we like to present ourselves as a place that speaks in a solid and direct way of sustainability, respect and design, trying to recover the origins of the island where nature, architecture, culture and gastronomy were respected, we offer a place to find calm, surrounded by nature, in a perfect environment to connect with ourselves and what surrounds us...but how can we help to "respect" also outside these facilities? The answer is; through awareness.

It is simple.... take care of ourselves and of our mother nature, to be able to do things always better, thinking about the inheritance we leave to those who come after us....

We announced it a few weeks ago and now it begins: Taking advantage of the arrival of spring, we want to strengthen and contribute to the protection of our source of inspiration and resources, NATURE, so we are excited to celebrate a very special conference in Es Racó d'Artà with you and Fernando Ojeda and Re-Forest on April 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.

Each day will begin with an inspiring guided meditation class, followed by a Yoga class to activate body and soul and of course, delicious and nutritious breakfasts in our beautiful gardens. You can pamper yourselves and let yourselves be pampered throughout the day in our Spa, and then participate in a walk and an activity of Re-Forest, an association formed by Fernando Ojeda and his team, who like us, in a fun and entertaining way, want and manage to raise awareness in the world.

During the days of the 4 elements, we will talk about very interesting topics and also about the threats to the ecosystem that exist today. In addition, we will actively participate and listen to shepherds, firemen, beekeepers and other associations that work every day to protect the environment, to protect us. We will also invite you to attend fabulous workshops and treatments that are related to these elements and how they influence our personalities.

We will include all activities and workshops, free of charge in your stay, to reward you for your heroism and to make you participate in the talks and workshops with Re-Forest and nature experts.

We are infinitely grateful and delighted to be able to celebrate these special days with such wonderful people and special people like you who want to invest their time in training and join the heroic act of caring for and saving mother earth.

We would love to count on you during any of these days.